Telecommunications in the USA

The US telecommunication sector has seen tremendous growth in recent times. This has been caused by an upsurge in the number of companies which offer these services in this part of the world. You need to understand that the primary regulator of telecommunications in the US is the Federal Communication Commission. This is the state body mandated with regulating all industries that deal with telecommunication products and services. However, the FCC has no control over internet service providers and newspaper industries.

If you want to best understand the element of telecommunications in the United States, it is important to appreciate the best companies in the industry. Whilst these companies are good, they are not always the best fo rcall centres and these can use domestic lines or you will need a business line installed as such a cloud dialer may be a better path to chose. It is only through this that you will be able to truly get a good idea of how business is run in this part of the world. Just like you follow defined steps when you want to migrate sharepoint 2007 to office 365, the telecommunications companies here have to follow rules and guidelines as stipulated by the governing body. Let us now have a look at the best telecom companies in the United States today

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This is the largest mobile service provider in the United States today. With a customer base of more than 108.7 million, you can be assured that the experts here truly have what it takes. One factor that has contributed to the success of Verizon is quality customer case and a wide network reach leading to reliability. The company has been awarded on many occasions due to its exemplary services across the entire nation.


Coming second to Verizon is ATT which also has a considerable customer base. The company boasts of well over 103 million subscribers all over the United States of America. Again, just like the case was for Verizon, the success of this company has mainly been linked to quality and personalized customer support services. It is also important to note that this is the company that boasts the largest selection of available phones today. It has an extensive wireless network which makes it the fourth largest generation network within the United States. With a myriad of payment plans, you can be sure that ATT has got what it takes to deliver quality and exemplary services at your doorstep.


As much as it offers plans that best fit customer needs in a better way, Sprint is still to make a mark in the local telecommunications industry. With a mere 55 million customers, the company comes third in this list of the best three telecom companies in the United States. This is mainly as a result of its customer service ratings which are generally lower than for the other carriers. Also worth noting is the fact that Sprint more of emphasizes data plans over the traditional voice plans. Having one of the best 4G networks in the United States today, this company is truly bound to grow in the years to come. Of course opportunities in business are limitless. In the modern day diverse world, you might not really know where you stand. However, if you make good use of available technologies, all is achievable. It takes persistence and determination which Sprint professionals possess.